A Month Before Stroke, Your Body Will Warn You With These 10 Signals

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5. Agitated behavior

Your irritation could indicate more than just a bad mood or PMS. Doctors call it an “altered mental status,” and it’s a common “nontraditional” symptom. In one study, “About 23 percent of women and 15 percent of men reported altered mental status related to stroke,” according to Healthline.

If restlessness and agitation occur with other stroke symptoms, you should take it more seriously.

6. Balance

Medical experts created an acronym “BE FAST” to help people remember the symptoms of a stroke. Each letter stands for a symptom. The most important part to understand: When two or more signs occur together, it’s even more likely to be a stroke.

The “B” in “BE FAST” stands for balance. If you suddenly feel off balance, it could be a sign of a stroke. Balance issues include being unable to walk in a straight line or touch your finger to your nose. Problems with balance can also occur after you’ve had a stroke.

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