Having Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Could Help You Lose Weight

Can you imagine a diet that includes chocolate cake? I can, and here’s why it’s the best thing you can do to lose weight.

Cake is one of the tastiest and most mouthwatering classic desserts. It’s also one of worst enemies for anybody who wishes to stay in shape. At least that’s what everyone believed until now that science has proven that we can eat all the chocolate cake we want guilt-free and still lose weight. Thank you, science!

According to a scientific study done by the University of Tel Aviv, eating chocolate cake could actually help you on your weight loss quest, so long as you don’t to go over the 600 calories portion and you remember to balance this with carbohydrates and proteins. This will also help if you eat properly throughout the day and are very careful about the times and moments in which you eat.

First things first. Our metabolism is much more active in the morning, which is why our body is more able to burn calories early in the day. Best of all, by eating chocolate cake as part of your breakfast, you will avoid having cravings all day long.

Science backs this up

Specialists subjected 200 men and women with obesity to a special diet. The group was divided in two; half of the people were subjected to a low-carb diet and did not exceed 300 calories during breakfast. The second half, on the other hand, went on a 600-calorie diet, taking in both carbohydrates and proteins, as well as a piece of chocolate cake.


After the experiment, the people in charge of the study realized that by incorporating desserts during breakfast, people lost weight at a faster rate and were then able to stay in shape for longer periods of time.

At first, both groups of people lost weight after 32 weeks. The second group, however, the one that included cake during breakfast, lost an extra 40 pounds on average.

Besides, Israeli researchers advise not to quit desserts if you’re on a weight loss diet, anyway. So, have at it. Again, be careful not to exceed portions and measurements recommended by your nutritionist and at the appropriate hours. Doing otherwise would only increase the desire and anxiety to consume more food that would harm your weight loss.

You should also keep in mind that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is good for your health, considering it improves your body’s energy levels without the risk of building up cholesterol. Chocolate does this thanks to its series of fatty acids which include oleic acid, stearic acid and palmitic acid.

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